elegant creations

Elegant Creations is a leading Architectural & Interior design Consultancy firm with head office in Rawalpindi, and branch offices in Dubai and UK. We have extensive architectural and interior design experience in local and international projects which includes signature, hotels and leisure resorts, single and multi family residential, high-rise, commercial retail malls, industrial projects, golf courses and theme parks.

Elegant Creations empowers the Strategic Capabilities to understand organizational structure, develop strategy, implement effective execution and derive remarkable return towards prescribed objectives over National and International level as well. Elegant Creations provides custom tailored Services and Products, to support the growth of our customers and client.

We supply both the industry knowledge and resources specifics to our client’s need, empowering them to advance toward the relevant and attainable goals, we help them to identify and set. Elegant Creations provides the best synergy solutions to Entrepreneurs and complex businesses and effectively enhances the business performance as desired.

What Sets Us Apart?

Elegant Creations has more than 20 years of international development experience and blend creativity, innovation and technical experience to the projects we deliver. We are committed to consistently delivering exemplary designed developments and projects, thereby reinforcing our standing as a leading international professional consultancy.

ceo elegant creations

AAMNAH HAMEED did her Bachelors in Architecture from NCA Lahore & Masters in Architecture from Edinburgh university of arts Scotland. Aamnah being the CEO & the Principal Architect has always been a very organized person and appreciates how challenges offer the opportunity to uncover innovative design. Much like piecing a puzzle together, she appreciates the satisfaction of seeing how different elements in a space can be made to fit perfectly as a whole with a clear vision and a little patience. Practicing patience and calm isn’t new to her.

She values how stepping away from a challenging situation and taking a breath can bring an inspiring perspective, clarity and focused direction.When working with her clients and within her team, Aamnah collaborates closely to explore possibilities and better understand not only what can create ideal physical spaces, but also the best experiences. As her portfolio continues to grow through her contribution to global projects, she embraces the challenges that arise from working in different locations and cultural contexts to continuously spark innovative ideas.


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